Comprehensive Soil Test with Micronutrients plus Solvita

Comprehensive + Solvita Soil Test Kit
Comprehensive + Solvita Soil Test Kit

Product Description

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This is the base test for all multi-test. This Comprehensive Soil Test shows:

Soil Composition
Organic Matter, Texture, pH, CO3, Electrical Conductivity

Available Soil Nutrients
Nitrates (NO3),
Phosphorus (P),
Potassium (K),
Calcium (Ca),
Sodium (Na),
Magnesium (Mg),
Boron (B),
Na/Ca Ratios,
Na/Mg Ratios,

Extracted Available Micronutrients
Iron (Fe),
Manganese (Mn),
Zinc (Zn)

The report includes
our exclusive color coded results chart with recommendations and consists of 3-5 pages.

Sample Reports

This test includes the SOLVITA test from Wood's End Laboratories and available exclusively through Texas Plant and Soil Lab. This Solvita® Test measures total soil biological activity (Soil Life). Previously, growers have had little guidance as to the actual progress of soil-building and tilth restoration efforts. Biological activity is essential for converting Organic Matter into Nitrogen : Carbon mineralization Humus. Biology can also breakdown hardpan, release insoluble nutrients and fight disease.