Comprehensive Soil Test with Micronutrients plus Heavy Metals micro-screening

Comprehensive + Heavy Metals Mini Soil Test Kit
Comprehensive + Heavy Metals Mini Soil Test Kit

Product Description

Includes Easy Return Mailer Box shipping soil sample to lab.

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This is the base test for all multi-test. This Comprehensive Soil Test shows:

Soil Composition
Organic Matter, Texture, pH, CO3, Electrical Conductivity

Available Soil Nutrients
Nitrates (NO3),
Phosphorus (P),
Potassium (K),
Calcium (Ca),
Sodium (Na),
Magnesium (Mg),
Na/Ca Ratios,
Na/Mg Ratios,

Extracted Available Micronutrients
Iron (Fe),
Manganese (Mn),
Zinc (Zn)

The report includes
our exclusive color coded results chart with recommendations and consists of 3-5 pages.

Sample Reports

This test includes Heavy Metals micro-screening. Trace amounts of Heavy Metals can be toxic to plants and extremely hazardous to health. has prepacked the most common heavy metal toxins to be found in lawns, contaminated soils and garden vegtables and herbs into one micro-screening:
Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead.